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TAPKO Technologies

innovative capacity

TAPKO Technologies GmbH of Regensburg offers high quality products, complex systems and complete development services in the area of building automation with KNX. The company's headquarters are in Regensburg, in the south of Germany. TAPKO is a fully-fledged KNX member and certified according to ISO 9001.

TAPKO has already successfully made the leap from being a German KNX specialist to a  European and international brand producer through its innovative capacity and collaboration with partners. By cooperating with partners whose businesses we helped to build up, we are in a position to offer all the stages in the development of KNX components from a single source, all the way through from development to production.

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Our partner TAPKO GOSSÉ & TECH provides unique knowledge for specific applications of KNX and thus develops new products for tomorrow's markets with us.

Our partner Apricum d.o.o offers you the complete manufacturing process - from material procurement to production, testing, and all the way to packing and global shipment, mainly in the field of building automation.

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Inventiveness - our portfolio


TAPKO Technologies GmbH of Regensburg offers complete development services in the area of building automation with KNX.

HW / SW Development:
Dependent on the requirements as regards functionality, complexity, development time, development costs and price per unit, there are a variety of possibilities for product development. We carry out developments based on standard components as well as on our own TAPKO KNX stack.

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Our TAPKO KNX communication stack, also known as the KAIstack ,has been the central element of every EIB/KNX development since the early days of TAPKO. The basic structure of the KAIstack is modular, comparable to a unit construction system and can also be "assembled" according to customer requests and needs.

The stack's core is the same in all cases, independent of media used, processors, device type and mode of commissioning. That leads to the most important advantage: there is only one stack, which can be equipped with the required options as needed.
Retrospective extensions / upgrades are thus simple to implement.

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Support - combined services

Besides the support from in-house development, we also offer a comprehensive service package for external development. We have comprehensive know-how in this field, no matter which standard bus coupling, interfaces and applications are needed. We offer you professional support in your development services, are happy to take over parts of it and assist you with error diagnostics.

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Our products


We develop and produce finished OEM-products in the field of building automation which are distributed by renowned companies. You can obtain neutral products from us, or products with your own logo. As an additional service, we offer to create the databases and deal with the KNX registration.
Optionally, the product can also be delivered complete with packaging and mounting/instruction manual. Among others, the following TAPKO products are available now as OEM versions:

  • USB-Interface
  • linecoupler
  • media-coupler
  • pushbutton Interface
  • multi I/O

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Universal modules  to maintain the knx-interface - the basis for development of KNX-devices. Modules can be delivered with a certified KAIstack with or without an application or as plain modules without any SW. Using modules is especially recommended for generating KNX enabled devices in minimum time.

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KNX-devices from TAPKO are technology solutions as well as complete interfacing and connecting devices. This range of products we call infrastructure products or system products. KNX devices, for example for the connection of KNX lines or for the connection to other interfaces.

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The comprehensive range of Evaluation Boards for the various product lines, such as KAIstack, SIM-KNX, KIMaip, KAIphys and others, facilitates efficient product development or product evaluation in order to gain an overview of the excellent characteristics of the different products.

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Product Examples


MECtp linecoupler




Production – made in europe

We offer the complete production process - from material procurement to assembly, testing, packaging and global distribution. In our professionally equipped production facilities in Split, Croatia, we produce highly specialized electronic devices. We assemble PCBs with all usual surface mount components and have also the ability of manual assembly for odd form components.

We offer documented quality, reliably, on time and at reasonable prices. We accept orders from prototype construction to 100,000 pieces per annum, whereby most production units are in the region of 2000 to 5000 pieces.

We handle the life-cyle management for components (last order, last buy) and global material purchasing, direct from the manufacturer if so required. We also produce with complete or partial provision of the materials by the customer. We also offer the development of flexible test environments (ICT, performance check, burn-in).

Efficiency, quality and rapid delivery are basic elements in the production processes of our products. Certification to the ISO 9001 quality standard ensures the constant high quality of your electronic devices.

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KNX-Testlab - KNX certification of your products

An essential step in the development of a product is the final inspection regarding conformity to the KNX standard - the so-called KNX certification.
Here it is necessary to make sure that data points for physical values use the correct  data format and are interpreted correctly.

In order to simplify product development for our customers and reduce the number of necessary contacts, we have set up our KNX -specific test lab. This is where your products are tested for interoperability according to your requirements and the KNX specifications and where assistance and product testing are offered as development support. The services we provide in our KNX accredited test lab in accordance with EN 17025.

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